Scuba Diving Grand Cayman – Babylon

Spotted Eagle Ray, Aetobatus narinari, Grand Cayman (

Babylon, just the name alone brings a smile to those that know diving in the Caymans. Remote, lightly touched by regular tourists and yet noted as one of the Top 10 wall dives in the Caribbean. Just mention the word Babylon to any Cayman Dive master and you will notice a sparkle in their eye. A trip to Babylon from one of the dive operators catering to the seven mile beach divers may cost you a case of the captain’s favorite beverage or other sorts of inducement. This is the kind of dive is saved for the local staff’s day off or to really impress experienced divers. It definitely pays to tip your captain well.

Babylon is one of the most remoSpotted Trunkfish, Lactophrys bicaudalis, Grand Cayman ( dive sites on Grand Cayman. It is on the North Wall, half way between Rum Point and East End and it is about an hour drive from the west side hotels. It is usually visited by diver operators on the North End or by dive boats on 3 Tank Safaris around the island or by live-a-board vessels. However, don’t let all the hype about the beauty of this dive site and its remote location make you afraid. It is not an advanced dive.

The Dive

Once you get there, Babylon is an easy dive, with the top of the Cayman wall starting between 35-45 feet. There are large sand patches on top of the wall and excellent shallow reefs for those scuba divers that do not want to venture too deep. However, for those scuba divers who want a true vertical experience, they will find it on the wall at Babylon. The drop off is fantastic. The wall topography changes from a sheer plunging wall face to cascading sheets of plate coral and large pinnacles jutting into the crystal clear waters of the Cayman Trench.

Marine Life

You can regularly see large pelagic fish, turtles and rays swimming along the wall. While you are captivated by the pure vistas of Babylon do not forget to witness the Cayman reef inhabitants. The wall teems with schools of Chromis, often interrupted by Barracuda, Stop-Light Parrot fish or Queen Angels. The wall is decorated with thick outcroppings of Black Coral, Purple Sea Fans, Barrel sponges and a great variety of other tropical marine life. So if you have the time, the inclination and the required tip for the captain, make sure your next trip to Cayman includes a stop at Babylon.

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