Scuba Diving Grand Cayman – Dive Site Listing

Spotted Eagle Ray, Aetobatus narinari, (Euphrasen, 1790), Grand Cayman


Dive sites listed by geographical area

Area Name Latitude Longitude
North East Julie’s Wall 19’21.159N 81’09.963W
North East Babylon 19’21.199N 81’09.859W
North East McCurly’s walls 19’21.224N 81’09.814W
North East Northern Lights 19.21.295N 81.09.720W
North East Top Secret 19’21.425N 81’09.022W
North East Omega Reef 19’21.381N 81’08.554W
North East Little Bluff 19’21.386N 81’08.323W
North East Anchor Point 19’21.490N 81’07.912W
North East Split Rock 19’21.524N 81’06.753W
North East Fish Tank 19’21.405N 81’06.418W
North East Black Rock Two 19’21.381N 81’06.302W
North East Black Rock Canyon 19’21.456N 81’06.325W
North East Valley of the Doll 19’21.426N 81’06.050W
North East Barrel Sponge wall 19’21.417N 81’05.972W
North East Turtle Pass 19’21.370N 81’05.731W
North East Chubb Hole 19’21.028N 81’05.057W
North East Cinderella’s Castle 19’20.961N 81’04.969W
North East Snapper Hole 19’20.649N 81’04.670W
North East Dragon’s Lair 19’20.572N 81’04.678W
North Side Hepp’s Wall 19’23.168N 81’25.060W
North Side Hepp’s Pipeline 19’23.123N 81’24.987W
North Side Ghost Mountain 19’24.138N 81’23.141W
North Side Bear’s Paw 19’23.873N 81’21.614W
North Side Blue Pinnacles 19’23.630N 81’20.737W
North Side Hole in the Wall 19’23.603N 81’20.713W
North Side Main Street 19’23.453N 81’20.596W
North Side Stingray City West 19’23.089N 81’20.624W
North Side Stingray City East 19’23.071N 81’20.606W
North Side Tarpon Alley West 19’23.141N 81’20.162W
North Side Tarpon Alley East 19’23.163N 81’20.201W
North Side Princess Penny’s Wall 19’23.057N 81’19.892W
North Side Black Forest [North] 19’23.043N 81’19.705W
North Side Eagle Ray Pass 19’23.031N 81’19.495W
North Side Lemon Reef 19’22.977N 81’19.431W
North Side Lemon Wall 19’23.036N 81’19.346W
North Side Blue Peter Reef 19’22.977N 81’19.321W
North Side Leslie’s Curl 19’23.030N 81’19.214W
North Side Hammerhead Hill 19’23.038N 81’18.545W
North Side 3 B’s Wall 19’23.009N 81’18.466W
North Side Dream Weaver Reef 19’22.919N 81’18.218W
North Side Chinese Wall 19’22.852N 81’17.973W
North Side Robert’s Wall 19’22.846N 81’17.882W
North Side Gail’s Mountain 19’22.836N 81’17.768W
North Side Haunted House 19’22.833N 81’17.684W
North Side Pinnacle Reef 19’22.765N 81’17.634W
North Side No Name Wall 19’22.844N 81’17.461W
North Side Queen’s Throne 19’22.801N 81’17.476W
North Side White Stroke Canyon 19’22.886N 81’17.298W
North Side Penny’s Arch 19’22.597N 81’15.945W
North Side Andes Wall 19’21.891N 81’15.173W
North Side Andes Reef 19’21.838N 81’15.228W
North Side Deila’s Delight 19’21.537N 81’14.718W
South East Grouper Grotto 19’17.777N 81’05.159W
South East Scuba Bowl 19’17.540N 81’05.279W
South East Pat’s Wall 19’17.576N 81’05.341W
South East McKennys Canyon 19’17.606N 81’05.422W
South East The Maze 19’17.641N 81’05.538W
South East Playing field 19’17.567N 81’06.300W
South East Lodge Anchor 19’17.434N 81’06.741W
South East Three Sisters 19’17.311N 81’07.063W
South East Lost Valley 19’17.343N 81’07.170W
South East Kangaroo Gorge 19’17.332N 81’07.284W
South East Tarpon Terrace 19’17.469N 81’07.396W
South East High Rock Drop off 19’17.405N 81’07.442W
South East River of Sands 19’17.436N 81’07.546W
South East Iron Shore Gardens 19’17.485N 81’08.618W
South East Maggie’s Maze 19’17.470N 81’08.687W
South East Kelly’s Caverns 19’17.477N 81’08.761W
South East Crusher’s Wall 19’17.407N 81’08.761W
South East Little House on the Prairie 19’17.473N 81’08.889W
South East Tarpon Tap Room 19’17.482N 81’09.010W
South East Fantasy Land 19’17.467N 81’09.260W
South Side Public Yacht Mooring 1 19’16.244N 81’19.384W
South Side Public Yacht Mooring 2 19’16.216N 81’19.242W
South Side Public Yacht Mooring 3 19’16.213N 81’19.141W
South Side Public Yacht Mooring 4 19’16.187N 81’18.943W
South Side Public Yacht Mooring 5 19’16.144N 81’18.820W
South Side Kent’s Caves West 19’15.513N 81’23.179W
South Side Kent’s Caves East 19’15.515N 81’23.144W
South Side Ron’s Wall 19’15.551N 81’22.665W
South Side Pallas Pinnacle West 19’15.583N 81’22.602W
South Side Pallas Pinnacle Central 19’15.625N 81’22.567W
South Side Pallas Pinnacle East 19’15.658N 81’22.540W
South Side Pallas Reef West 19’15.729N 81’22.705W
South Side Pallas Reef East 19’15.768N 81’22.621W
South Side Christina’s Wall 19’15.690N 81’22.440W
South Side Dede’s Garden 19’15.843N 81’22.452W
South Side Gary’s Reef 19’15.837N 81’22.392W
South Side Pirate’s Cove 19’15.849N 81’22.332W
South Side Crossroads 19’15.764N 81’22.312W
South Side Ollen’s Office 19’15.777N 81’22.238W
South Side Eye of the Needle 19’15.802N 81’22.176W
South Side Phantom Ledge 19’15.816N 81’22.060W
South Side Gary’s Wall 19’15.825N 81’21.986W
South Side No Name Wall 19’15.841N 81’21.909W
South Side Red Bay Caves 19’15.932N 81’22.000W
South Side Laura’s Reef 19’15.928N 81’21.748W
South Side Bullwinkle West 19’15.937N 81’21.689W
South Side Bullwinkle East 19’15.929N 81’21.619W
South Side Ned’s Tunnels 19’15.984N 81’21.161W
South Side Dangerous Dan’s Drop-off 19’15.880N 81’21.061W
South Side Barracuda Ron’s Pass 19’15.928N 81’20.912W
South Side Japanese Gardens West 19’16.068N 81’20.841W
South Side Japanese Garden East 19’16.099N 81’20.719W
South Side Spotts Reef 19’16.117N 81’18.683W
South Side Bats Cave Reef 19’16.090N 81’18.590W
South Side Pedro’s Reef 19’15.987N 81’17.662W
South Side Pedro’s Pinnacles 19’15.806N 81’17.521W
West Side Public Yacht Mooring 1 19’17.787N 81’23.083W
West Side Public Yacht Mooring 2 19’17.832N 81’27.067W
West Side Public Yacht Mooring 3 19’17.954N 81’23.080W
West Side Public Yacht Mooring 4 19’18.290N 81’23.193W
West Side Public Yacht Mooring 5 19’18.354N 81’23.198W
West Side North West Point 19’22.165N 81’25.240W
West Side Dolphin Drop off 19’22.153N 81’25.182W
West Side Bonnie’s Arch 19’22.228N 81’25.170W
West Side Orange Canyon 19’22.121N 81’25.083W
West Side Sentinel Rock 19’22.102N 81’25.041W
West Side Big Tunnels 19’22.096N 81’24.991W
West Side Easy Street 19’22.075N 81’24.953W
West Side In Between 19’22.038N 81’24.862W
West Side Dragon’s Hole 19’21.978N 81’24.736W
West Side Big Dipper 19’21.954N 81’24.650W
West Side Little Tunnels 19’21.941N 81’24.614W
West Side Chain Reef 19’22.083N 81’24.518W
West Side Round Rock West 19’21.894N 81’24.488W
West Side Round Rock East 19’21.890N 81’24.472W
West Side Trinity Caves 19’21.890N 81’24.430W
West Side Peppermint Reef 19’21.947N 81’24.369W
West Side Neptune’s Wall 19’21.820N 81’24.330W
West Side Slaughterhouse Wall 19’21.778N 81’24.243W
West Side Wall Street 19’21.726N 81’24.159W
West Side Sand Chute 19’21.702N 81’24.101W
West Side USS Kittiwake 19’21.702N 81’24.101W
West Side Doc Poulson [Wreck] 19’21.629N 81’23.949W
West Side Memorial Reef 19’21.743N 81’23.892W
West Side Mitch Miller Reef 19’21.651N 81’23.825W
West Side Marty’s Wall 19’21.607N 81’24.000W
West Side Knife 19’21.547N 81’23.961W
West Side Lost Treasure Reef 19’21.231N 81’23.604W
West Side Spanish Anchor 19’21.174N 81’23.613W
West Side Three Trees 19’21.028N 81’23.573W
West Side Bolero 19’20.871N 81’23.544W
West Side Angelfish Reef 19’20.762N 81’23.512W
West Side Aquarium 19’20.695N 81’23.460W
West Side Great House Wall 19’20.589N 81’23.559W
West Side Killer Puffer 19’20.620N 81’23.444W
West Side Peter’s Reef 19’20.566N 81’23.431W
West Side Eagle’s Nest 19’20.484N 81’23.525W
West Side Jax Dax 19’20.451N 81’23.403W
West Side Paradise Reef 19’20.352N 81’23.395W
West Side Oro Verde [stern] 19’20.314N 81’23.429W
West Side Oro Verde[bow] 19’20.292N 81’23.423W
West Side Holiday Inn Drop-off 19’20.266N 81’23.511W
West Side Hammerhead Hole 19’20.173N 81’23.347W
West Side Wildlife Reef 19’19.874N 81’23.389W
West Side Caribbean Club Sand Chute 19’19.928N 81’23.500W
West Side Lone Star Reef 19’19.620N 81’23.458W
West Side Mesa 19’19.301N 81’23.585W
West Side Royal Palms Ledge 19’19.137N 81’23.597W
West Side Pageant Beach Reef 19’18.388N 81’23.299W
West Side Soto’s North 19’18.157N 81’23.131W
West Side Fish Pot Reef 19’18.005N 81’23.119W
West Side Eden Rock North 19’17.618N 81’23.227W
West Side Eden Rock South 19’17.586N 81’23.236W
West Side Devils Grotto North 19’17.549N 81’23.250W
West Side Devils Grotto South 19’17.499N 81’23.295W
West Side L.C.M. David Nicholson 19’17.241N 81’23.557W
West Side Armchair Reef 19’16.771N 81’23.655W
West Side Smith Cove 19’16.546N 81’23.591W
West Side Eagle Ray Rock 19’16.444N 81’23.712W
West Side Blackie’s Hole 19’16.337N 81’23.736W
West Side Black Forest 19’16.269N 81’23.737W

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